Monday, February 21, 2011

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Biggest Loser Competition Rules

It will be based on a point system considering some would have the advantage over others to lose weight. To earn points you can do the following
1. 1 point-share a healthy recipe you cooked for dinner on this blog.
2. 1 point-share a healthy dessert!
3.5 points-go without sugar(cookies, candybars, desserts etc..not sugar fruits) for a week.
4. 2 points-stay within you caloric intake for the day. keep track in journal and write down what was eaten. :)or use this blog.
5. 2 points-exercise 30 minutes of more a day.
6. 30 extra bonus points will be given for the greatest physical improvement which will be voted for on christmas eve.

The grand prize will be a cash reward. I believe every couple agreed to put in a small money amount for the winner and we can decide the amount later on. Good luck and I hope we can all help make ourselves a little more healthy. :)

Dad's Biggest Loser Information

Caloric Intake-2600
My Pyramid Plan

Brannon Biggest Loser Information

Caloric Intake-2800
My Pyramid Plan

Ali's Biggest Loser Info

Caloric Intake 1800
My Pyramid Plan

Matt's biggest Loser Information

Caloric Intake-3000
Biggest Loser Goal-tone up.
My Pyramid Plan

Michelle's Biggest Loser Information

Caloric Intake-1800
My Pyramid Plan
Biggest Loser Goal-Lose weight and Tone up